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The Difficulties Of Doing Business in 2018

Your Business needs customers, clients and patients!​​

But... getting a new customer online is extremely difficult and competition is fierce.

Google Search Is Not Your Friend

Have you ever wondered why you can't get traffic to your website?

If you’ve ever wondered why your online traffic has dried up or why it’s so hard to reach online shoppers…

It’s because statistics show more than 80% of shoppers now use a mobile device (smart phone). As a result, Google can now use mobile technologies to track online activity in real time 

That means, Google can track each shopper’s location, and, base it’s search results on the searchers current GPS GEO location and not on SEO link strategies or popularity. 
Google now shows the closest 
businesses to the searcher not the best.
The new search buzz word is “near me“…

That is why some small businesses, without a website or reviews, ends up at the top of Google search and large businesses with lots of positive reviews are hidden from sight.  

Real time tracking allowed Google to discard the local “radius of service” option. Searches are now based on GPS location. As a consequence, businesses are now shown in relation to a shopper’s real time GEO location (as if all businesses were pizza shops). 

Location, Location, Location

Everything businesses used to depend on to get customers has changed. SEO tactics and tricks to get your business ranked in Google are becoming less and less effective. Google now bases it’s ranking and search results on GPS/GEO location, not on how popular a business/website is.
How many people visit,  how long they stay, if they watch a video, if they click a link, if they make a phone call or if they make a purchase — are all secondary factors.

Google is first and for-most a search engine (the most popular search platform in the world). It’s primary function and loyalty is to the millions of people who depend on and trust it to deliver search results. Google’s strength is in the fact that it sees and measures everything on the Internet. Google rewards or punishes websites based on how searchers react to the site (if they pleased or not).

https image
  1. a website must be mobile responsive with SSL security.
    (sites lacking SSL are now being labeled “unsafe”)
  2. a website must be fast loading (under 4 sec)
  3. a website should have a promotional video.
  4. a website must be simple and easy to navigate.

Bloated and slow loading vanity websites are not popular with mobile devices (“on the go” shoppers want service not entertainment). 

According to Google’s massive statistics, to land a new client or customer, it takes an average of website clicks before you get an appointment. That means, with a high conversion web site, an $8.00 pay per click AdWord campaign costs you $40 for each new client/customer/patient  (and a poor web site could double those costs).

If a local business is content with walk-in & referral traffic, they can keep doing what they’re doing now. However, if a local business wants to grow and become successful… they have few options… and all of them require spending some money.

Business Growth Options

Promotional Advertising

Sometimes the perfect growth option an established business is just some attention getting advertising. We like to use promotional video and live event publications to blast a business to the top of page one of targeted Google searches. (Bonus: Our advertising campaigns also rank in YouTube)

Our promotional advertising is focused on driving traffic to a business website (which needs to be Google friendly for best results).

Free Traffic

To grow and prosper using “free” traffic (aka Google Search) is absolutely the best and most effective growth strategy, however it is extremely difficult to develop and maintain. You can’t just slap up a website and expect a flood of traffic. Getting this traffic method to work requires a lot of hard work, time, and extensive understanding of how to make (and keep) Google happy. 

Just to start; a local business will require a fast loading, modern, mobile friendly website, with SSL security. Then the website must be loaded with relevant content, an attention getting video and plenty of good reviews. Getting a business in one of the top spots on page one of Google can take months of on site and off site optimization and promotion.

Keeping in top spot, once you get there, requires constant monitoring and adjustment to stay ahead of the competition. 

We can help!

We know exactly what makes Google happy, and the tricks and strategies to push a local business into the top spots on page one of a Google search… and how to keep it there.
When we join a business operation we become a full team member and we become dedicated to that businesses long term growth and success. Our goal is to provide a continuous supply of new customers so that business owners are free to do what they do best… provide a valuable service to customers who want help with their problems. 

Paid Traffic

From a business owners perspective, the quickest and easiest method to get new clients, is to find a “pay per lead” service that can supply you real live customers with a good ROI (return on investment) strategy. They do what they do best (get leads) and you do what you do best (run your business).

Usually, for a business that is not familiar with the “pay per lead” method, the first thing they need to wrap their head around is spending money to make money. Every business already does this – they just don’t think about it. Their education, their buildings, their vehicles, their computers, stationary, staff etc… are all expenses they pay to make their business successful (and make money). A “pay per lead” service is just a business tool — and the most efficient form of direct advertising you can get.
Fundamentally, you just need to consider what a new customer is worth to your business and how much of a finders fee you would be willing to pay for him/her.  If a customer was worth… say, $500, would you be willing to pay $25, $50 or $100 to get him/her as a client/customer/patient? (don’t forget to include the long term, repeat value of the client).

BTW: many businesses already advertise bonuses, coupons, or discounts — but the trick is getting a customer to see your offer! –> get them to you website.

Our Done4You LiveCall client acquisition system can get you the phone calls you need to grow your business and stay healthy. 

A New Business Strategy

How We Are Different

The thing that sets us apart from sites like HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Yelp, Thumbtack, or even YellowPages is that we are not a business directory service. We do not wait for shoppers to drop by… we use “in-the-cloud” technologies (in an unusual way) to actively search for people who match our client’s  unique services and area served. 
Then we pre-qualify them, and have them phone our business partner directly, (BEFORE they get to any of the national directory sites).

We don’t treat our business partners as a nameless commodity. We consider ourselves part of the team and do everything in our power to help our team get more jobs and become successful. We realize that “We can never succeed unless the whole team succeeds”. 

Our goal is to get more jobs for local businesses… better, faster and less expensive than they can get anywhere else.

We also differ substantially from Google AdWords in that we distribute live direct phone calls instead of website clicks. This is significant, because, when dealing with phone calls, the quality of a website (whether it’s Google friendly) or if it even exists… is not an issue.

Oh, and by the way, we are a lot more effective and cheaper that using Adwords


This site (see class action spam video) is a directory style website. When a potential client orders a service, their phone number is sent to any number of competitor businesses. All registered businesses pay for the opportunity to get a call… but, whoever connects to the customer first gets the job!

Angie's List, Thumbtack, Yelp etc:

These organizations are nothing more than national brand business directories. Local companies join and then pay to move their business higher in the business directory. 

Google AdWords:

This is more like classical direct advertising. Local businesses pay to have their ads placed at the top of Googles search results. While being quite effective, Google “Pay Per Click” ads can be expensive and people who click the ads are sent to the business’s website, where they must actually make a phone call to be effective. 
There are a number of problems with using Google AdWords.

  1. Creating an effective Adwords campaign can be quite complicated. It’s very easy to waste a lot of money targeting the wrong keywords. (many ads not only target the wrong keywords but also target the wrong cities and even the wrong countries)
  2.  Google statistics show that (on average) it takes 5 or 6 clicks to get a phone call.
    For example: if an ad costs $8.00 per click, getting a phone call can cost $40/$48 (on a Google friendly website).
  3. After clicking an ad, a shopper is re-directed to the business website. Unless a website mobile friendly and optimized to be Google friendly, the majority of shoppers  (mobile users) will quickly leave the site. A total waste of money.


HomeAdvisor a Scam?

Not all phone lead systems are rip-offs

like HomeAdvisor, Angie's List or Thumbtack

D4U Local Marketing Services

does not “sell” products – we provide long term targeted support for select clients who want to grow and prosper.

The Internet is forever expanding and changing. New content replaces old content. Only one marketing variable remains constant – the cutthroat competition for page 1 ranking.

One answer, the business model practised by the typical Internet advertising company or online marketing agency, is to sell products or services to a business and then move on to the next customer.

Regrettably, few local businesses have the knowledge or the time required to monitor and maintain their Internet assets. So, no matter how much money they spend to boost their website traffic, businesses will see their hard earned web position slowly fade away until their site disappears from view.

That is why local businesses need to partner with a digital marketing company, like D4U Local Marketing Services, that is dedicated to their long term prosperity and success.

Done For You” an experienced digital marketing company, realized that simply selling a “one-time” marketing tool to a business only provides a short term benefit. Keeping a local business on page 1 of Google and staying ahead of the hungry competition, requires constant monitoring, continuously adding new content and endlessly reminding Google why the business deserves that page 1 position.

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