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The Difficulties Of Doing Local Business in 2018​

Your Business needs customers, clients and patients!​​

But; getting a new customer online is extremely difficult and competition is fierce.

Cell Phone

SEO tactics and online marketing has drastically changed.  Statistics show that most shoppers now use a mobile device (cell phone) and, as a result, Google can now track online activity in real time. Google knows which businesses and websites a shopper calls or visits and now bases it’s search results on measurable popularity, not on SEO link strategies.  

Real time tracking enabled Google to discard the local “radius of service” option. Searches are now based on GPS. As a consequence, businesses are now shown in relation to a shopper’s real time location (as if the businesses were pizza shops). 

The New Reality

Everything businesses used to depend on to get customers has changed. SEO tactics and tricks to get your business ranked in Google are becoming less and less effective. Google now bases it’s ranking and search results on how popular a business/website is. How many people visit,  how long they stay, if they watch a video, if they click a link, if they make a phone call or if they make a purchase. 

Google is first and for-most a search engine (the most popular search platform in the world). It’s primary function and loyalty is to the millions of people who depend on it to deliver search results. Google’s strength is in the fact that it sees and measures everything on the Internet. Google rewards or punishes websites based on how searchers react to the site (if they pleased or not).

The New Business Strategy

If a local business is content with walk-in & referral traffic, they can keep doing what they’re doing now. However, if a local business wants to grow and become prosperous… you must keep Google happy. Most importantly, businesses must have a website that is optimized for mobile shoppers, today and moving forward.

https image
  1. a website must be mobile responsive with SSL security.
  2. a website must be fast loading (under 4 sec)
  3. a website should have a promotional video.
  4. a website must be simple and easy to navigate.

Bloated and slow loading vanity websites with personal & family content are no longer popular. Modern shoppers want service not entertainment. 

But, having a website that makes Google happy is only half of the picture. 

The most important thing to do is get people to visit the website site. 

In the past, the typical SEO strategy was to get Google to rank your website for specific keywords like “dentist in New York” or “plumber in Dallas” (heavy competition makes this difficult to do and very expensive). Today, the best, and most cost effective strategy is to “advertise” your business early in the search process… when customers are searching for local terms like “teeth whitening in Queens” or “child dental care Staten Island”.

Individually, these search terms get fewer searches, but having your business show up in a search for dozens of such terms gets you more searches for less money and a greater ROI (return on investment). Of course, Google friendly advertising, while being more effective, requires a marketing professional with the understanding and experience to make it work. 

If you want your business to grow, stay healthy and prosper, we can help.

We’ve developed cloud based media technology that contacts potential customers early in their search process. Over time, we have a proven track record for getting more traffic, improving a business’s bottom line and reducing marketing costs better than any other technique.

Our Done4You media technology will handle all of your marketing needs.

The only thing you need to do is concentrate on doing your business.

If our service is something you would like to explore, simply email us at  media2@done4you.pro with your contact details (email, phone or Skype) Ron Lemire — Business Development Assistant

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