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Every one of my Done4You “WordPress” web sites are SEO (Search Engine Optimized) specifically for a Local Business. We are talking about business websites that are ready to rock’n’roll, complete with relative content and Google My Business friendly.

Google estimates 70 to 80 percent of “shoppers” do their searching with a mobile device. Our sites are fast loading and mobile responsive, they grab a visitors attention quickly and provide all the information they are looking for.

Web Sites come complete with a pro-active review management software, designed to maximize positive reviews and minimize negative reviews.

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First impressions: – are 94% design related. We make sure your website is super fast loading and  “wows” them.

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Doing Business In A Digital World

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Adverising no longer works!

Nearly 80% of today's consumers shop online. They seldom read newspapers and almost never search directories like the yellow pages.

You need a fast, attention getting web site.

Like butterflies, shoppers constantly flit from site to site. Businesses usually have less than 5 seconds to capture a shoppers attention or their gone.

Less is more

A modern website needs to be clean, uncluttered, easy to navigate and understand. Shoppers are looking for a product or service not entertainment.

Modern shoppers demand responsive web sites.

Statistically, the majority of shoppers now cruise the internet with small screen mobile devises. Sites not designed for cell phones are left in the cold.

Shoppers today are social animals who love videos

Research shows that 74% of visitors are more likely to trust a website and purchase a product if the site contains a video... even if they never watch it.

Businesses must stand out

Businesses must be Google friendly. To succeed in today's market place, businesses must be pro-active and force their way in front of online shoppers.

Staying ahead of online competition is not an easy one time operation.

"Done For You" Local Marketing Agency Has a New Business Model

You were invited to this page by “Done For You Local Marketing Agencys  to introduce you to a new concept for growing your business. 

“Our business model is not about becoming successful selling our services, it’s about creating associations with local businesses so we succeed together.”

“Like any business, our goal is to make a profit and become successful but we understand our own prosperity is directly linked to the growth and profitability of our clients.”

D4U Local Marketing Agency

does not “sell” products – we provide long term targeted support for select clients who want to grow and prosper.

The Internet is forever expanding and changing. New content replaces old content. Only one marketing variable remains constant – the cutthroat competition for page 1 ranking.

One answer, the business model practised by the typical Internet advertising company or online marketing agency, is to sell products or services to a business and then move on to the next customer.

Regrettably, few local businesses have the knowledge or the time required to monitor and maintain their Internet assets. So, no matter how much money they spend to boost their website traffic, businesses will see their hard earned web position slowly fade away until their site disappears from view.

That is why local businesses need to partner with a digital marketing company, like D4U Local Marketing Agency, that is dedicated to their long term prosperity and success.

Done For You” an experienced digital marketing company, realized that simply selling a “one-time” marketing tool to a business only provides a short term benefit. Keeping a local business on page 1 of Google and staying ahead of the hungry competition, requires constant monitoring, continuously adding new content and endlessly reminding Google why the business deserves that page 1 position.

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Ron Lemire
Ron Lemire
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