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Why Every Small Business Should Use Google My Business

Most small business owners know that online marketing is important. Unfortunately they also think setting up a few social media accounts and website is all they need to do. But, if you really want to reach your customers, you must understand that 70% to 90% of all shoppers search for goods and services on Google using a smart phone. That’s where Google My Business comes in.

The types of advertising traditionally used by local businesses no longer work. Local businesses who try to expand their market share by placing ads in newspapers or pay for expensive campaigns in “Yellow Pages” or “Yellowbook”, slowly disappearing from the modern consumer’s radar.

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Google My Business Is Crucial For Local Business Success

Google My Business - The GOOD

  • Online shoppers view Google as the leading authority and immediately trust Google's top selections.
  • The advantage of a business showing up in the three pack of a local search is priceless!
  • Page one ranking ensures more traffic, more phone calls, more revenue and more success,

Google My Business - The BAD

  • To remain in Google's Three Pack your website needs to be clean, uncluttered, easy to navigate and understand.
  • Your website needs to be designed for cell phones and other small screen devises to show up in the Three Pack.
  • To get in Google's Three Pack your website must appeal to searchers who want goods and services not entertainment.

Google My Business - The UGLY

  • Google's Three Pack now shows businesses based on the searchers location, not the business operating radius.
  • Reviews, citations, and organic web page ranking, now rate lower than searchers location for three pack placement.
  • Its now common to find new and smaller businesses shown in a three pack ahead of larger established businesses.

The first and most important thing you can do to make your business a success is getting on the first page of Google's Directory for Local Businesses

The advantage of a business showing up on the first page of a local Google search is priceless. Page one ranking automatically ensures more consumer traffic, more phone calls, more revenue and more success, so competition for these coveted spots is fierce.

Businesses hidden “back in the pack” get little online traffic and never see success. 

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