Grow Your Business Today With Live Calls From People Looking To Get Help From Your Service

Your business needs live phone calls... not online clicks!

But, getting a new customer online is extremely difficult and competition is fierce.

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  • According to Google’s statistics, it takes 2 live calls for a local business to land 1 new customer.
  • However, it takes 10 clicks to land a new customer.
  • That means, with a high conversion web site, an $8.00 per click AdWord campaign costs you $80 for each new client. A mediocre web site could double those costs.

Unfortunately, getting any clicks at all is becoming much more difficult.

  • Because Google statistics show the majority of shoppers now use mobile devices, Google has discarded the local business “radius of service” option and only shows local services in relation to a searchers GPS location, thereby treating all local businesses as if they were pizza shops.
  • As a retired Google My Business troubleshooter, I know these changes mean that local businesses can no longer depend on Google My Business for growth and prosperity. When GMB gets fully updated, searchers, only a few blocks from your front door, may not be able to find your business even listed.
  • In today’s world you need a mobile responsive website that has SSL security. In fact Google has started to penalize websites (by not listing them or by labeling them insecure) if they don’t have these features.
  • Unless a local business is willing to spend a lot of money on tech support to get on the first page of Google My Business, and stay there, like most local businesses, it will slowly fade from the Internet landscape.
  • To prevent that from happening to your business, the only practical solution you have to be successful today is to hire an online marketing professional, who knows how to get the attention of online shopper’s and motivate people looking for a particular product or service.
  • If you want to get the phone calls you need for your business to grow and stay healthy, we have the marketing experience and we can help.
  • We’ve developed a new cloud based technology system that improves your bottom line. Drastically reducing your cost per live call by identifying and contacting potential customers early in their search process.

We Handel Everything

so you can concentrate on your managing your business

  • We can send you pre-qualified live calls of people who are actively searching for your help.
  • The calls are exclusive to you, they are not shared or resold to your competitors and can be use as future business contacts.
  • All our calls are logged & recorded with a review/dispute process to make sure you are not charged for nuisance calls (calls under 30 sec are never billed).
  • We don’t ask you to sign a contract and you can cancel our service at any time
  • We can start sending you live direct phone calls usually within 24/48 hours.
  • We service: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and more… and can bundle your account across multiple cities and states.
  • Unlike HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List, Yelp or AdWords, who passively wait for callers, we actively contact and pre-qualify people looking for your service, (before your competitors or anyone else get a chance to connect with them). We work directly with your business and we are dedicated to helping you to grow and succeed long term (so we both grow together).

Oh, and by the way, we are a lot more effective and cheaper that using Adwords

D4U Marketing Services does not “sell” products – we provide long term targeted support for select clients who want to grow and prosper.

The Internet is forever expanding and changing. New content replaces old content. Only one variable remains constant – the cutthroat competition for page 1 ranking.

The business model practised by most Internet marketing services and agencies is to sell products or services to a business and move on to the next business. “Done For You” Marketing Services realized that simply selling a great marketing tool to a business only provides a short term benefit. Keeping a local business on page 1 of Google and staying ahead of the hungry competition, requires constant monitoring, continuously adding new content and endlessly reminding Google why the business deserves that page 1 position.

Regrettably, few local businesses have the knowledge or the time required to monitor and maintain their Internet assets. So, without hiring a professional marketing service (like D4U Marketing Services) that is dedicated to their long term success, businesses will see their hard earned web position slowly dribble away until they again disappear from view.

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