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Done 4 You Local Marketing Agency

We do not "sell" products - we provide long term targeted support for select clients who want to grow and prosper.

To get your D4U web site setup as quickly as possible we just have a few short questions!

Business Questions:

1) Your First and Last Names

2) Your email address…used for purchase

(this is needed to confirm purchase)

3) Business Information:

We need your business name, address, the phone number customers will call, and your business city and street address 

4) Business Catergory:

Dentist, Electrician, Dog Walker etc.

5) Message:

Tell us some of your ideas about the site. Do you have a favorite color scheme? Do you have a picture of your business location, truck or office? Do you have any customer comments about your business that would impress visitors and help your site?

  • D4U Local Marketing Agency has a different business model. We do not believe selling expensive, complicated and difficult to maintain web tools to overworked business owners is the best solution. What we want to do is create an alliance with select businesses to help them grow and achieve lasting success.
  • We propose to do this by leasing our knowledge and expertise. We don't sell products and services that soon become outdated and worthless. Instead we setup, monitor and maintain all of the technical stuff to ensure it remains at top performance.
  • Business owners do what they do best -- look after their business.
  • We do what we do best -- help them grow their business.

If you have any difficulty or problem with any of our local marketing services please contact us so we can solve the problem.